Classic Handmade Dark Stained Wooden Walking Stick (Beech Wood)


If you are looking for a classic, more traditional walking stick then this is the one for you. Our walking sticks are made from Beech wood grown and worked in Poland makes it very strong as well as light weight. This walking stick is good for both indoors and outdoors.

The classic dark stained wooden walking stick features:

  • Handle design – Classic rounded handle.
  • Shaft design – hand carved with carved patterns.
  • Handle and shaft colour: stained and burnt wood affect.
  • Burnt wood with stained on the shaft
  • Walking stick dimensions: 90cm high x 19 cm
  • Walking stick weight: 500g
  • Hand Made in Poland.
  • Made of strong beech wood cane.
  • Smooth polished finish.
  • Rubber cap protects the bottom.

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Classic Handmade Dark Stained Wooden Walking Stick (Beech Wood)

This is a robust walking stick that can be taken anywhere with you. This lightweight walking stick is a great all rounder and will make the perfect walking companion for anyone who likes being active.

What we like about this stick is that is is lightweight and robust making it a versatile option for your collection

All of the walking sticks sold are hand made and therefore unique. This also means that the stick that you buy might be slightly different to the on in the image.


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