Italian Handmade Olive Wood Slotted Cooking Spatula


At almost a cm thick these slotted spatulas are robust and long lasting. Perfect for every day use, they are tapered to give them a sharp edge for easy lifting and flipping when you are cooking. The slots allow oil or liquids to run through them making them perfect for frying eggs with.

The main features of the wooden slotted spatula

  • Slotted spatula allows easy drainage of oils when taking eggs etc out of the frying pan.
  • Approx 1cm thick so are robust and long lasting
  • Tapered edge making for easy lifting and flipping
  • Handmade from responsibly sourced Italian olive wood

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Italian Handmade Olive Wood Slotted Spatula

Make your cooking fun with our olive wood range of spatulas. we have the plain spatula and the holed olive wood spatula .

Taking Care of Your Olive Wood Spatula

Never wash olive wood in the dishwasher as this will drain all of the colour from the wood. Rather wash them with warm water and soap. The colours will fade over time naturally, you can greatly improve the colour by rubbing them down with olive oil once in a while to bring out the colour and protect the wood.


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