Italian Handmade Small Olive Wood Cat Shaped Chopping or Cheese Board


This little cat shaped chopping or cheese board makes a great gift birthday or wedding gift.

Features of the cat olive wood chopping board

  • Handmade from Italian olive wood
  • Nice solid piece of wood
  • Designed and crafted by Italian Artisans
  • Responsibly sourced Olive wood
  • 28cm high by 11cm wide
  • Rustic look and feel

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SKU: JWYW00040

Italian Handmade Small Olive Wood Cat Cutting Board

This is a great gift to give someone who like to entertain. This is smaller then our other cat board but is still big enough to use as a cheese board

Taking care of your cheese board

You should never wash these in the dish washer as this will ruin the natural olive wood colours. Rather wash this with warm water and some soap if needed and then dry it as soon as possible. Don’t leave the board to soak in water as this will have the same effect.

Olive wood, with use, will naturally fade over time and you can repair some of this by rubbing the board down with olive oil every now and then and this will bring back some of the original colours.


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